Large type Ambient Vaporizer with top fan

Large type Ambient Vaporizer with top fan

Large type Ambient Vaporizer with top fan

The vaporizer uses the ambient temperature to heat the cryogenic liquid(LOX, LIN, LAr, LCO,, LC,H,, LPG etc.) in the finned tube, so that it is quickly gasified under the working pressure and heated to the designed outlet temperature. The big feature is that it does not consume any external energy (such as electricity, steam or fuel oil). At the same time, it is a new and efficient gasification equipment with compact structure, no noise, no pollution, simple operation and conve- nient maintenance. The main material is rust-proof aluminum alloy grade 3003/6063. Therefore, it is light and corrosion-re- sistant, suitable for outdoor installation, saving infrastructure investment, and coupled with the special characteristics of its structure, it can be easily combined in various ways.
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Large type Ambient Vaporizer with top fan
Product description

Designed with local extreme temperature and humidity to meet continuous working time no less than 8 hours.
Use high-quality aluminum frame, which is consistent with the thermal expansion and contraction of the main material, it's no need to remove after installation which is simple and safe to use.
There are many choices for the gasket material. It is recommended to choose a metal wound gasket, which doubles the replacement of ordinary materials.
Advanced process flow and structural design reduce the pressure drop and make the equipment free from bias flow and air resistance.
Use special cleaning solvents and equipment to reduce the residu-
al oil content on the internal and external surfaces of the equip-
ment and improve the scope of use and working conditions of the equipment.

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