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SINCE 2004

Suzhou Xinrui Cryogenic Equipment Co., Ltd is an integrated enterprise specializing in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of cryogenic equipment and cryogenic technology, which is a high - tech enterprises mainly engaged industrial gas equipment, LNG equipment and other energy equipment.



XINRUI's corporate culture is the soul of the company, is the cohesion of corporate style, is highly concise way of doing things for many years, is a unique gene created by every XINRUI people.



Till now, our company faces the global market and divides into two major sectors: industrial gas and natural gas. In terms of industrial gases, it includes the world's top gas companies(Air Liquide, Linde, Messer), and domestic company such as Hangyang, Suyang, Chart, and CIMC sanctum. And regards gas company have Town Gas, CR Gas, China Gas, CIMC Enric and others,a total of more than 1,000 Chinese and foreign companies.



Saving energy and reducing consumption, low carbon and environmental protection,and continuously promoting environmental sustainable development



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Our company always adheres to the principle of quality for development and quality for survival

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We respect customers, understand customers, continue to provide services beyond customer expectations, so that customers can rest assured.
We firmly believe that our 1% mistakes, for customers, is a loss, so we have been working hard to do better.
All employees understand: the important standard to measure our success or not is the degree of customer satisfaction.

Our company founded in2004, we are specializing in low-temperature equipment and low-temperature technology research and development, manufacturing, sales

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